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Tired of searching for the medical supplies or equipment you require only to find them overpriced or out of stock? Need a great source for weights products with low prices and fast shipping? At Medical Device Depot, we offer quality medical equipment for physicians and health care professionals at the lowest possible cost. We pride ourselves on treating customers like the superstars they are and providing the most helpful and accurate information available. Call us anytime at 877-646-3300.

Brands for weights products: Hausmann Weights

<!001>1 lb. Weight (Pink)
1 lb. Weight (Pink)
<!001>Hugger« Gold-Line 1/2 lb. Weight (Tan)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1/2 lb. Weight (Tan)
<!002>2 lb. Weight (Aqua)
2 lb. Weight (Aqua)
<!002>Hugger« Gold-Line 1 lb. Weight (Blue)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!003>3 lb. Weight (Plum)
3 lb. Weight (Plum)
<!003>Hugger« Gold-Line 1 1/2 lb. Weight (Olive)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1 1/2 lb. Weight (Olive)
<!004>4 lb. Weight (Grape)
4 lb. Weight (Grape)
<!004>Hugger« Gold-Line 2 lb. Weight (White)
Hugger« Gold-Line 2 lb. Weight (White)
<!005>5 lb. Weight (Teal-Green)
5 lb. Weight (Teal-Green)
<!005>Hugger« Gold-Line 2 1/2 lb. Weight (Red)
Hugger« Gold-Line 2 1/2 lb. Weight (Red)
<!006>6 lb. Weight (Orange)
6 lb. Weight (Orange)
<!006>Hugger« Gold-Line 3 lb. Weight (Gold)
Hugger« Gold-Line 3 lb. Weight (Gold)
<!007>7 lb. Weight (Blue-Green)
7 lb. Weight (Blue-Green)
<!007>Hugger« Gold-Line 4 lb. Weight (Turquoise)
Hugger« Gold-Line 4 lb. Weight (Turquoise)
<!008>8 lb. Weight (Burgundy)
8 lb. Weight (Burgundy)
<!008>Hugger« Gold-Line 5 lb. Weight (Black)
Hugger« Gold-Line 5 lb. Weight (Black)
<!009>9 lb. Weight (Blue)
9 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!009>Hugger« Gold-Line 6 lb. Weight (Camel)
Hugger« Gold-Line 6 lb. Weight (Camel)
<!010>10 lb. Weight (Ebony Black)
10 lb. Weight (Ebony Black)
<!010>Hugger« Gold-Line 7 lb. Weight (Blue)
Hugger« Gold-Line 7 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!010>Set of 3 Exercise Weight Bars (1, 2, 3 lbs.)
Set of 3 Exercise Weight Bars (1, 2, 3 lbs.)
<!011>Hugger« Gold-Line 7 1/2 lb. Weight (Orange)
Hugger« Gold-Line 7 1/2 lb. Weight (Orange)
<!011>Set of 6 Vinyl Dumbbells (5502)
Set of 6 Vinyl Dumbbells (5502)
<!012>Hugger« Gold-Line 8 lb. Weight (Rawhide)
Hugger« Gold-Line 8 lb. Weight (Rawhide)
<!012>Set of 5 Vinyl Dumbbells (5503)
Set of 5 Vinyl Dumbbells (5503)
<!013>Hugger« Gold-Line 9 lb. Weight (Green)
Hugger« Gold-Line 9 lb. Weight (Green)
<!013>Set of 10 Vinyl Dumbbells (5505)
Set of 10 Vinyl Dumbbells (5505)
<!014>Hugger« Gold-Line 10 lb. Weight (Brown)
Hugger« Gold-Line 10 lb. Weight (Brown)
<!015>Hugger« Gold-Line 12 lb. Weight (Black)
Hugger« Gold-Line 12 lb. Weight (Black)
<!016>Hugger« Gold-Line 15 lb. Weight (Black)
Hugger« Gold-Line 15 lb. Weight (Black)
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What Our Customers are Saying:

While Netsurfing, I found Medical Device Depot was the easiest to do business with, with a seamless ordering process. The bonus - also the best pricing!
B. Minevitz

We have received the spiro-machine and now started to use it. I can inform you that we are very happy with it, and it has been a pleasure to do business with you.
Veslem E