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Spiropalm (Hand-held Spirometer) - 6 Minute Walk Test


Manufacturer: Cosmed
Part Number: Spiropalm6MWT
MSRP: $3,969.00

Spiroplam 6MWT is a new medical device designed by COSMED incorporating the latest design for portable spirometry and a unique tool for the standardized 'Six-Minute Walk Test' (6MWT). The versatility of the Spiropalm 6MWT allows a new way of measuring and reporting results for the Six-Minute Walk Test.

No more clipboards, stopwatches, lap counters or non integrated pulse oximeters. The Spiropalm 6MWT provides the customer with a complete testing package with an integrated pulse oximeter, along with the ability to measure ventilation during the test.

With the integration of the pulse oximeter the technician will be able to monitor SpO2 during the Six-Minute Walk Test, but also to provide a complete O2 saturation report for oxygen prescription.

Features and Benefits
  • Real time testing for the standardized 6MWT (Six-Minute Walk Test)
  • Measurement of minute Ventilation (VE) and Breathing Pattern during walking, Breathing Reserve (BR) with ventilation limitation statement.

  • HR and SpO2 monitoring by Nonin technology.
  • Evaluation of Dynamic Hyperinflation, with the measurement of Inspiratory Capacity.
  • USB connection for external printer and PC software for data management.
Tests Performed

6 Minute Walk Test
  • Minute Ventilation (VE)
  • Respiratory Frequency (RF)
  • Dynamic Inspiratory Capacity (IC)
  • Dyspnea & Fatigue (Borg Scale)
  • Breathing Reserve (BR)
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Slow/Forced Vital Capacity (SVC-FVC)
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  • Bronchial Dilator test.

  • Bronchial Challenge test.
Measured Parameters

6 Minute Walk Test

Distance (m) ò 6MWW (Kg*m) ò SpO2(%) ò HR (%) ò T88 (≤88%) (mm:ss) ò T (ΔSpO2 ≥ 4%) (mm:ss) ò VE (L/min) ò RF (1/min) ò BR (%) ò IC (L) ò SBp (mmHg) ò DBp (mmHg) ò Borg Dyspnea (x.

x) ò Borg Fatigue (x.x)


FVC ò IVC ò VC ò MVV ò VT ò FEV1 ò FEV6 ò FEV1/FEV6 ò FEV6/FVC ò PEF ò PIF ò FEV1/FVC ò FEF 25-75 ò FEV1/VC% ò %FEV1 ò MEF25% ò MEF50% ò MEF75% ò FET 100% ò Lung Age ò ERV ò IRV ò VE ò Rf ò ti ò te ò ti/t.

tot ò VT/ti ò Bes.
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Spiropalm (Hand-held Spirometer) - 6 Minute Walk Test

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What Our Customers are Saying:

We ordered Renaissance II mouthpieces from [another company], waited 2 weeks and got the wrong ones. I ordered from you and received the correct ones within 2 days. You are super!
Dr. Harding

Sterilizer received yesterday in great shape! :) We're glad to have it!!! Thanks very much.

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