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Rehabilitation/physical Therapy

Are you looking for the best website to buy rehabilitation/physical therapy? Then you have found exactly what you you need right here at Medical Device Depot! With over 15 years experience in medical equipment sales, Medical Device Depot gets you the best service and the best pricing available. Our professional service agents can also answer any questions and address any concerns you may have so you can order exactly what you need, hassle-free.

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Rehabilitation/physical Therapy
20¦ Wedge (18' x 24' x 6')
20¦ Wedge (18' x 24' x 6')
20¦ Wedge (32' x 20' x 12')
20¦ Wedge (32' x 20' x 12')
<!001>1 lb. Weight (Pink)
1 lb. Weight (Pink)
<!001>Hugger« Gold-Line 1/2 lb. Weight (Tan)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1/2 lb. Weight (Tan)
<!002>2 lb. Weight (Aqua)
2 lb. Weight (Aqua)
<!002>Hugger« Gold-Line 1 lb. Weight (Blue)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!003>3 lb. Weight (Plum)
3 lb. Weight (Plum)
<!003>Hugger« Gold-Line 1 1/2 lb. Weight (Olive)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1 1/2 lb. Weight (Olive)
<!004>4 lb. Weight (Grape)
4 lb. Weight (Grape)
<!004>Hugger« Gold-Line 2 lb. Weight (White)
Hugger« Gold-Line 2 lb. Weight (White)
<!005>5 lb. Weight (Teal-Green)
5 lb. Weight (Teal-Green)
<!005>Hugger« Gold-Line 2 1/2 lb. Weight (Red)
Hugger« Gold-Line 2 1/2 lb. Weight (Red)
<!006>6 lb. Weight (Orange)
6 lb. Weight (Orange)
<!006>Hugger« Gold-Line 3 lb. Weight (Gold)
Hugger« Gold-Line 3 lb. Weight (Gold)
<!007>7 lb. Weight (Blue-Green)
7 lb. Weight (Blue-Green)
<!007>Hugger« Gold-Line 4 lb. Weight (Turquoise)
Hugger« Gold-Line 4 lb. Weight (Turquoise)
<!008>8 lb. Weight (Burgundy)
8 lb. Weight (Burgundy)
<!008>Hugger« Gold-Line 5 lb. Weight (Black)
Hugger« Gold-Line 5 lb. Weight (Black)
<!009>9 lb. Weight (Blue)
9 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!009>Hugger« Gold-Line 6 lb. Weight (Camel)
Hugger« Gold-Line 6 lb. Weight (Camel)
<!010>10 lb. Weight (Ebony Black)
10 lb. Weight (Ebony Black)
<!010>Hugger« Gold-Line 7 lb. Weight (Blue)
Hugger« Gold-Line 7 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!010>Set of 3 Exercise Weight Bars (1, 2, 3 lbs.)
Set of 3 Exercise Weight Bars (1, 2, 3 lbs.)
<!011>Hugger« Gold-Line 7 1/2 lb. Weight (Orange)
Hugger« Gold-Line 7 1/2 lb. Weight (Orange)
<!011>Set of 6 Vinyl Dumbbells (5502)
Set of 6 Vinyl Dumbbells (5502)
<!012>Hugger« Gold-Line 8 lb. Weight (Rawhide)
Hugger« Gold-Line 8 lb. Weight (Rawhide)
<!012>Set of 5 Vinyl Dumbbells (5503)
Set of 5 Vinyl Dumbbells (5503)
<!013>Hugger« Gold-Line 9 lb. Weight (Green)
Hugger« Gold-Line 9 lb. Weight (Green)
<!013>Set of 10 Vinyl Dumbbells (5505)
Set of 10 Vinyl Dumbbells (5505)
<!014>Hugger« Gold-Line 10 lb. Weight (Brown)
Hugger« Gold-Line 10 lb. Weight (Brown)
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What Our Customers are Saying:

While Netsurfing, I found Medical Device Depot was the easiest to do business with, with a seamless ordering process. The bonus - also the best pricing!
B. Minevitz

We are an outpatient surgery center and constantly buying things. I will return soon back to you to purchase more stuff as it was a pleasure doing business with you!
John Y.