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Searching for a great value on medical device products? We stock supplies equipment from top brands in every specialty, including Hausmann items , all at great prices. At Medical Device Depot, we offer quality medical equipment for physicians and health care professionals at the lowest possible cost. We pride ourselves on treating customers like the superstars they are and providing the most helpful and accurate information available. Call us anytime at 877-646-3300.

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<!001>1 lb. Weight (Pink)
1 lb. Weight (Pink)
<!001>Hugger« Gold-Line 1/2 lb. Weight (Tan)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1/2 lb. Weight (Tan)
<!002>2 lb. Weight (Aqua)
2 lb. Weight (Aqua)
<!002>Hugger« Gold-Line 1 lb. Weight (Blue)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!003>3 lb. Weight (Plum)
3 lb. Weight (Plum)
<!003>Hugger« Gold-Line 1 1/2 lb. Weight (Olive)
Hugger« Gold-Line 1 1/2 lb. Weight (Olive)
<!004>4 lb. Weight (Grape)
4 lb. Weight (Grape)
<!004>Hugger« Gold-Line 2 lb. Weight (White)
Hugger« Gold-Line 2 lb. Weight (White)
<!005>5 lb. Weight (Teal-Green)
5 lb. Weight (Teal-Green)
<!005>Hugger« Gold-Line 2 1/2 lb. Weight (Red)
Hugger« Gold-Line 2 1/2 lb. Weight (Red)
<!006>6 lb. Weight (Orange)
6 lb. Weight (Orange)
<!006>Hugger« Gold-Line 3 lb. Weight (Gold)
Hugger« Gold-Line 3 lb. Weight (Gold)
<!007>7 lb. Weight (Blue-Green)
7 lb. Weight (Blue-Green)
<!007>Hugger« Gold-Line 4 lb. Weight (Turquoise)
Hugger« Gold-Line 4 lb. Weight (Turquoise)
<!008>8 lb. Weight (Burgundy)
8 lb. Weight (Burgundy)
<!008>Hugger« Gold-Line 5 lb. Weight (Black)
Hugger« Gold-Line 5 lb. Weight (Black)
<!009>9 lb. Weight (Blue)
9 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!009>Hugger« Gold-Line 6 lb. Weight (Camel)
Hugger« Gold-Line 6 lb. Weight (Camel)
<!010>10 lb. Weight (Ebony Black)
10 lb. Weight (Ebony Black)
<!010>Econo Mat Platform - Blue, 4 'x 7'
Econo Mat Platform - Blue, 4 'x 7'
<!010>Hugger« Gold-Line 7 lb. Weight (Blue)
Hugger« Gold-Line 7 lb. Weight (Blue)
<!010>Set of 3 Exercise Weight Bars (1, 2, 3 lbs.)
Set of 3 Exercise Weight Bars (1, 2, 3 lbs.)
<!011>Hugger« Gold-Line 7 1/2 lb. Weight (Orange)
Hugger« Gold-Line 7 1/2 lb. Weight (Orange)
<!011>Set of 6 Vinyl Dumbbells (5502)
Set of 6 Vinyl Dumbbells (5502)
<!012>Hugger« Gold-Line 8 lb. Weight (Rawhide)
Hugger« Gold-Line 8 lb. Weight (Rawhide)
<!012>Set of 5 Vinyl Dumbbells (5503)
Set of 5 Vinyl Dumbbells (5503)
<!013>Hugger« Gold-Line 9 lb. Weight (Green)
Hugger« Gold-Line 9 lb. Weight (Green)
<!013>Set of 10 Vinyl Dumbbells (5505)
Set of 10 Vinyl Dumbbells (5505)
<!014>Hugger« Gold-Line 10 lb. Weight (Brown)
Hugger« Gold-Line 10 lb. Weight (Brown)
<!015>Hugger« Gold-Line 12 lb. Weight (Black)
Hugger« Gold-Line 12 lb. Weight (Black)
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We process your order and ship our products out as fast as possible, with expedited shipping also available for an additional cost. We accept all major credit cards and can also accommodate purchase orders from large institutions. Purchase orders may be faxed to 410-505-4567. Our leasing optionsmean you can even get the equipment and supplies you need with a low upfront acquisition cost. This website is protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security.

What Our Customers are Saying:

While Netsurfing, I found Medical Device Depot was the easiest to do business with, with a seamless ordering process. The bonus - also the best pricing!
B. Minevitz

I don't know how you do it, but you have the best prices. I have been shopping for an EKG/spirometry combination for a few months now and your pricing blows me away.
Joseph R, Red Rock Healthcare LLC