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Mettler Electronics

ThermalSoft Half Size Gel Pack - 6 Per Case


Manufacturer: Mettler Electronics
Part Number: 93820
MSRP: $106.05

ThermalSoft Gel packs are double-duty packs. Heat them in the microwave for heat therapy. For cold therapy put them in the freezer. ThermalSoft Gel Packs stay soft, even at freezer temperatures and retain their hot or cold therapeutic benefits for extended periods of time.

Model Guide
  • 98310 û Standard Gel Pack 11″ x 14″
  • 98320 û Half Size Gel Pack 7.5″ x 11″
  • 98330 û Cervical Gel Pack 23″ x 8″ Contour
  • 98340 û Extra Large Gel Pack 11″ x 21″
Size Guide
  • Half Size û All Purpose
  • Standard û Lower/Upper Back
  • Cervical û Shoulder/Neck
  • XLarge û Entire Back, Upper/Lower Back, Sciatica

<!020>ThermalSoft Half Size Gel Pack - 6 Per Case

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What Our Customers are Saying:

I got the right EKG machine for my practice at about half the price of the machine that my local rep was offering. Your knowledge of EKG machines was astounding. Cheers,
Dr. Brittenberg

I don't know how you do it, but you have the best prices. I have been shopping for an EKG/spirometry combination for a few months now and your pricing blows me away.
Joseph R, Red Rock Healthcare LLC

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